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Re: RFS: some long-due updates

Hi J.L.,

On Sunday 9 March 2008 01:57, José Luis Tallón wrote:
> * imapproxy 1.2.6-1
> http://devel.adv-solutions.net/debian/pool/main/mail/imapproxy/up-imapproxy

I've taken a look at this one. It looks good in general, thanks for your work 
on this! There's just a couple of minor things I'd like to see resolved 
before uploading:

* You accidentally left out the -10.2 NMU changelog entry. Please reinclude it 
so that an accurate overview of package history remains. You can see this 
when you do a "debdiff" between the archive version of imapproxy (apt-get 
source) and your new version.

* The nl.po file seems to have completely vanished.

* I still get one lintian warning:
  W: up-imapproxy source: debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error line 52

* Optionally, you could consider adding a Homepage: field to debian/control.


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