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Re: RFS: some long-due updates

On Sunday 9 March 2008 13:14, José Luis Tallón wrote:
> Indeed. "Make clean" (as shipped by upstream) always fails, and so the
> error needs to be ignored for the build to succeed --- what it does is
> however needed for a package build to complete.
> I don't normally like lintian overrides, but this feels like a good
> candidate for one.
> Meanwhile, I can try and fix the problem (non-trivial, already took a
> look) and submit it upstream. Delaying this upload just for this reason
> is not a good idea, given that we are approaching a release. I'd rather
> have the package fully tested  before inclusion.

I agree that this lintian warning is not top priority. It seems fair to leave 
this one for now and get the other fixes into the archive first. When that's 
done, we can take a look at this issue.

Let me know when new packages are available.


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