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Re: RFS: beef and rhinote (new versions)

On Sat, 1 Mar 2008 11:13:51 -0500
Kevin Coyner <kevin@rustybear.com> wrote:
> I looked at rhinote again. Looks o.k. except for one small thing in
> the debian/changelog ...

The package is at the usual location.
> FYI I haven't looked at beef and don't really have the time right
> now, so anyone else reading this list should consider reviewing
> beef. Or Andrea, you may want to re-submit a separate RFS to this
> list for beef only.

The changes made to beef are almost the same I made for rhinote, so it
shouldn't really take much to check them.

Anyway, since you are busy, I don't want to put extra work on your
shoulders. I will create a separate RFS or simply rename this thread.

Thank you again.

KiyuKo <eof AT kiyuko DOT org>
Resistance is futile, you will be garbage collected.

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