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desktop file main category for a scientific data viewer?

Dear mentors,

I would like to add a .desktop file for my package yorick-cubeview. It is a quite specialized data viewer. I am wondering what the "Main Category" should be. Since it's basically a 3D data viewer, my first impulse would be Graphics;3DGraphics;Viewers.

However , when going down to more specialized categories, I clearly hit Science;Astronomy;DataVisualization, which seems to automatically select "Education" for the Main Category. Indeed, cubeview is fairly similar to yorick-spydr, which my upstream has put in "Education". However the only rationale I can see for this choice is is that only students would use the GUI anyway, grown (wo)men would use the command line :-)

So, should all science software really go under Education??? Or should I use both Graphics;3DGraphics;Viewers *and* Science;Astronomy;DataVisualization?

Best regards, Thibaut.

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