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Re: RFS: simutrans (ITP #437627)


Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Am 2.3.2008 schrieb "Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo" <fenio@debian.org>:
> >> * Package name    : simutrans
> >>   Version         : 99.18~0.svn1661-1
> >>   Upstream Author : Simutrans Team <team@64.simutrans.com>
> >> * URL             : http://www.simutrans.com/
> >> * License         : Artistic
> >>   Section         : games
> >Did you find sponsor already? I'm willing to sponsor it if not.
> Looked at the package recently, but forgot to mention that in this list.
> I found some copyright problems, since many files state, that they...
> uhm... don't know the details anymore, but it was clearly non-free.  So
> I asked him to clarify that with upstream.
I contacted upstream about this problem:  It was a left-over from when
Simutrans was not Free Software.  The files now state that they are
released under the Artistic license.

I uploaded an updated version to mentors.debian.org:

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