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Re: RFS: fluid-soundfont -- Fluid (R3) General MIDI SoundFont

On Feb 20, 2008 11:08 PM, Toby Smithe <tsmithe@ubuntu.com> wrote:

> If you check the fluid-soundfont package, you will find it only has
> four files outside of the Debian directory. There has to be an
> authoritative original source that we trust, and in this case the
> original source is at [0]. I'm not sure where the quibble is: each of
> the four files is Copyright (C) Frank Wen (and unless this is
> disproven by a court, surely remains so), and each file is MIT
> licensed.
> [0] http://tsmithe.users.ubuntustudio.org/fluid-soundfont_r3.tar.gz

Are the two binary files in there prebuilt, or are they what you would
edit if you wanted to change the soundfont? I'm thinking of DFSG #2
here. Which package would I edit them with?



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