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Re: RFS: fluid-soundfont -- Fluid (R3) General MIDI SoundFont

On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 10:19 +0000, tim hall wrote:
> > 
> > I have been burned by soundfonts before, does Frank Wen have a site or
> > somesuch, describing how he made the soundfount, where he got the
> > instruments, etc?
> I understand your concern, Henrique. However, the question still makes 
> me want to punch something. Do we really have to nit-pick a hundred or 
> more sets of samples to check whether each one is DFSG-free?


>  Can we not 
> accept the upstream author's license so long as it remains unchallenged? 

Only with evidence that the files really are the copyright of the

> Would you subject a text font to such scrutiny?


If the sponsor misses this, it only causes a REJECT at ftp-master level
which looks bad for the sponsor.

> I fully realise that the font has to be sufficiently free from the 
> 'tentacles of evil' that users could edit it in Swami and use it as a 
> basis for new distributable fonts and also use it in their compositions 
> without fear of retribution. This font has been out in the wild for 
> enough years, surely? OK, I know, assume nothing. So realistically, how 
> should we approach this? What real chance is there of getting it into 
> lenny / Hardy?

Maybe the portion that is fully attributable. A package split sounds
likely if some files cannot be demonstrated as dfsg compliant.

> Please, please, please let's walk the extra mile for this package. How 
> can I help? I'm not a DD either. Are we ever going to be able to 
> distribute soundfonts? 

In main, only if all legal issues are clearly and unambiguously
resolved. Even for non-free, the *legality* of distribution must be 100%

> If not now, when?

It's no different to other files - if legality is a concern, ftp-masters
will reject the package. It is that simple. The only answer to that is
to ensure that all possible legal challenges are answered in
debian/copyright in advance. Every file, every attribution, every


Neil Williams

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