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Re: RFS: localizator

On Sun, Dec 30, 2007 at 12:10:45AM -0300, Mauro wrote:
> Hi there,
> Kumar i did the changed you recomend me, and everything worked fine
> now. thanks :)

The version is OK now. Great!

> If anybody could give me any other advice or comments about this package,
> i'll appreciate this
> The url is:
> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=localizator

Please always give the dsc URL:


Let me give you some additional remarks:

1. Successive builds fail. It doesn't seem to build if I do
dpkg-buildpackage;dpkg-buildpackage. Am I doing something wrong?

2. Priority should be `optional', not extra.

3. Please don't use smileys in the description. :-)

There may be a few more issues, I'll let a DD suggest these, as I also
have some doubts...


Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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