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Re: RFS: thailatex (updated package)

Hi Paul, hi Theppitak,

I have followed the thread (as Debian TeX maintainer) but I was too late
in fetching the package, and now it cannot be found on the mentors
server anymore, and it is not already in the pool of ftp.debian.org. So
no other comments from my side ...

On Fr, 28 Dez 2007, Paul Wise wrote:
> > now co-exist. So, it's just patched and installed as-is. What I need to
> > do is keep it synchronized with texlive.
> Ah. Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask the upstream texlive people
> to add the patch in the next version?

That will not work since we would need thailatex installed in any case.
Best would be if the ldf file is submitted to the babel maintainers so
that it will be included into the next babel release (thus in TeX Live
upstream, thus in Debian).

In reality a better mechanism would be nice, but who is up to writing
something replacing babel of fixing babel to load according to a config

Best wishes


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