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Re: RFS: dblatex (updated package): 2nd try

Leo "costela" Antunes wrote:

> Andreas Hoenen wrote:
>> I have just uploaded dblatex 0.2.8-2 to mentors.debian.net [1].
>> Regarding the new lintian warning 'spelling-error-in-changelog' I have
>> opened a bug report [2].
>> [1] dget
>> [http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/d/dblatex/dblatex_0.2.8-2.dsc
> Now there's just one last minor problem: since you closed some bugs on
> 0.2.8-1 which never got uploaded, you would have to close them manually
> as the automatic bug handling wouldn't be triggered for them.

This can be triggered with the -v option to dpkg-buildpackage


  Felipe Sateler

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