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Re: RFS: colordiff

On Wednesday, 12.12.2007 at 22:38 +0000, Colin Tuckley wrote:

> Dave Ewart wrote:
> > Hmm, standards version to 3.7.3?  Oh, that must be quite new... I'll
> > check that out.
> Yes, in fact so new that I don't think the lintian update has made it into
> testing yet (you do run lintian -i on your package don't you?).

Yes, I do run lintian (and linda), but the spare machine I used to build
the packages was running Lenny at the time I built them.  It's now Sid

I'll review the standards changes and update.

> >> Any reason for still using debhelper compat level 4?
> > 
> > Can you clarify: are you referring to the build-depends on debhelper?
> No, I'm talking about the value in debian/compat which tells debhelper what
> compatibility level to use, see the description in the man page for
> debhelper. You should use level 5 unless there is some reason not to. If you
> do move to level 5 then you can build depend on debhelper (>= 5.0.0)

OK, I'll make that change.

> One additional thing I noticed with the package; it still mentions Graham
> Wilson as the sponsor in a couple of places in addition to his earlier roles
> in the development of the package. It's probably easiest to remove
> references to who sponsored the package rather than having to keep changing it.

Yes, that makes sense.  I'll deal with that as well.

> If you can get those things sorted then I'll upload it for you. I'm also
> willing to be the regular sponsor.

Excellent!  Many thanks, Colin :-)

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