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RFS: colordiff


I'm looking for a new (hopefully long-term) sponsor for colordiff.  The
previous sponsor, Graham Wilson, is no longer working on Debian.

Package:     colordiff
License:     GPL
Description: A tool to add colour highlighting to diff output
Web site:    http://colordiff.sf.net/

ColorDiff is a wrapper for for the 'diff' command. It produces the same
output as diff, but with coloured highlighting to improve readability.
The colour schemes can be customized.

The output is similar to the syntax-highlighting mode of Vim or Emacs
when editing a patch created by diff. 

Debian packages for version 1.0.7 available at:

Graham uploaded the packages previously, version 1.0.6 is currently in
Etch, Lenny and Sid.  I think the packages are very well-established and
in good shape, although that's only my opinion ;-)



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