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Re: RFS: konq-pdf (2nd try, new upstream release)

On Nov 25, 2007 1:29 PM, Giuseppe Benigno
<giuseppe.benigno@egregorion.net> wrote:

> > Any reason these files couldn't be part of konqueror and show up only
> > when the required packages are installed?
> No, there is no reason, I will be very happy if this little project
> could be integrated in konqueror/d3lphin, I've tought that this project
> is too little to ask for a inclusion in kde packages. Already now the
> menus are showed only if the required packages are installed.

Cool, so the best way forward is to open a bug at http://bugs.kde.org/
on the kdeaddons package (that is what produces konq-plugins) asking
for those .desktop files to be included. If that gets rejected or
takes a long time, you could also file a wishlist bug against the
debian konq-plugins package with a patch.



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