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Re: mentors.debian.net reloading

Christoph Haas wrote:
> That would mean getting the package in Debian (with the dependencies),
> installing it, testing upgrading to the new deb etc., right? I just
> worry what happens if I try that with a package that pulls in 1 GB of
> dependencies. How would that work? (Disclaimer: I have just recently
> begun to actually use piuparts.)

Best option is to run something like apt-proxy or even squid (if you
can't afford a full mirror) so you don't have to pull and pull again the
same packages all the time. I don't think that downloading the
dependency would be the issue, unless you have a VERY slow network.

> I don't intend to be posessive here. mentors.debian.net was invented to
> improve the sponsorees' situation. I'm confident it has done that and
> believe that way more packages are sponsored instead of trashed.

I don't know if it helped that some package were not trashed, but I'm
100% sure that what you did is VERY convenient.

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Regarding CPU-intensive QA tests (builds and piuparts runs): I think
> that it's very important to do them on mentors. I don't think that
> resources are a problem: nobody said that you _had_ to host mentors
> yourself.

If a server is needed, we could provide it as sponsorship. Something
like a core 2 quad core (Q6600) running Xen with few gigabytes of RAM
could be provided if it's needed to have such power, and if it can help
to have such computer. Let me know if you want us to do so.

Thomas Goirand, GPLHost CEO

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