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Re: Package question, disappearing /etc/xinetd.d config file

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 01:12:58PM -0600, Chris Thompson wrote:
> Hello.  I am trying to create a set of debian packages.  Everything is going 
> well except that I am trying to add a file into /etc/xinet.d so that the 
> server is started automatically.
> When I run dpkg -i packagename.deb, I see that it creates a file called 
> quasard.dpkg-new in /etc/xinet.d but by the time the installation is 
That's the behavior of dpkg for conffiles; at configuration time it
looks for .dpkg-new and does the tests for whether to replace or
update the conffile, or prompt (only iff both the maintainer and admin
updated it, and to different content).

> complete, this file is removed.
That's not expected though..

> Strangely, if I set user and group to root, the file is not removed at the end 
> of the install and everything works.  Note that I am using /opt/quasar for my 
> directory tree.  I set the ownership of this directory to quasar:quasar in my 
> postinst file.  I create the user and group quasar in my preinst file.
Why in preinst?

BTW do you know about the maintainer script rollback actions?

They're not strictly necessary to implement, but you have to at least
check the arguments to make sure you're not doing forwards things in a
backwards path (although in many cases this is the right thing to do,
I guess that's by deliberate design decision).

> What am I doing incorrectly?
Can you link to your diff.gz?  I'm in particular interested in seeing
your maintainer scripts.


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