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Package question, disappearing /etc/xinetd.d config file

Hello.  I am trying to create a set of debian packages.  Everything is going 
well except that I am trying to add a file into /etc/xinet.d so that the 
server is started automatically.

When I run dpkg -i packagename.deb, I see that it creates a file called 
quasard.dpkg-new in /etc/xinet.d but by the time the installation is 
complete, this file is removed.

/etc/xinetd.d/quasard looks as follows:
service quasard
        type = UNLISTED
        flags = KEEPALIVE NODELAY
        socket_type = stream
        port = 3599
        wait = yes
        user = quasar
        group = quasar
        instances = UNLIMITED
        server = /opt/quasar/bin/quasard
        server_args = -xinetd
#       server_args = -xinetd -debug
        disable = no

Strangely, if I set user and group to root, the file is not removed at the end 
of the install and everything works.  Note that I am using /opt/quasar for my 
directory tree.  I set the ownership of this directory to quasar:quasar in my 
postinst file.  I create the user and group quasar in my preinst file.

What am I doing incorrectly?

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