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Re: packaged blassic and looking for a sponsor

El lun, 20-08-2007 a las 10:52 -0700, Gandalf Parker escribió:
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Jos L. Redrejo Rodrguez wrote:
> > You can take a look at all the currently available components at
> > http://www.gambasdoc.org/help/comp . And you can also write pure basic
> > applications without using any component, in that case you only will
> > need the gambas2-runtime package to execute them.
> Im not trying to be a problem but,

Don't worry for that, I've never thought of this thread as anything else
than an informative thread.

>  just for an example...
> If I create hello.bas with
> print "Hello World"
> exit
> then how would I run it? When I type
> gambas hello.bas
> I get an error of
> gbx: cannot connect to X server
> I can type
> yabasic hello.bas
> bwbasic hello.bas
> blassic hello.bas
> and iirc if I add something like
> #!/usr/bin/yabasic
> I can make it self executable

It's a problem of different aproach to the same code. Using gambas you
have to create a directory,put there your code and compile it. If you
don't want to use the gui you can do:
to compile it and check for errors:
gbc2 your_directory 
to create an executable file:
gba2 your_directory

Then you have your executable file at
your_directory/your_directory.gambas and can execute it there or move it
to anyplace at your path.

This is all the code for the gambas source file:

  PRINT "Hello world"

I attach you an example of such project. Obviously it doesn't need X to

> Can I write and execute gambol basic without a gui? 

Yes, you only need to create a directory to store your code. Gambas use
the "project" paradigm instead of the file paradigm. (if my memory
doesn't fail it was the same with bwbasic). You have to create a project
and put there all the files of your project. You have also to create a
couple of config files (.project & settings) in the project to tell what
components you're using (if any) or what's the main module or class to
start the application. This two config files are plain text files with
very few lines and you can create them by hand if you don't want to use
the ide wizard to start your project.

> Even if I can it seems 
> like alot of loading just to do that. Gambol looks like a great 
> alternative to Visual Basic but Im not seeing it as an alternative to 
> Basic. I think there is a place for both in the catalog IMHO.
> Sorry, Im old.

I'm sure there's place for both in the archive. I will never argue
against that, as I'm sure there's a place for kde, gnome or Ion3. I just
wanted to make you know that there's already an excellent BASIC
available in Debian, as you said there was not any.

O.T.O.H, maybe I'm older than you ;-)

José L.

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