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Re: packaged blassic and looking for a sponsor

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
You can take a look at all the currently available components at
http://www.gambasdoc.org/help/comp . And you can also write pure basic
applications without using any component, in that case you only will
need the gambas2-runtime package to execute them.

Im not trying to be a problem but, just for an example...

If I create hello.bas with
print "Hello World"

then how would I run it? When I type
gambas hello.bas
I get an error of
gbx: cannot connect to X server

I can type
yabasic hello.bas
bwbasic hello.bas
blassic hello.bas

and iirc if I add something like
I can make it self executable

Can I write and execute gambol basic without a gui? Even if I can it seems like alot of loading just to do that. Gambol looks like a great alternative to Visual Basic but Im not seeing it as an alternative to Basic. I think there is a place for both in the catalog IMHO.
Sorry, Im old.

Gandalf  Parker

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