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Re: packaged blassic and looking for a sponsor

El lun, 20-08-2007 a las 08:11 -0700, Gandalf Parker escribió:
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Jos L. Redrejo Rodrguez wrote:
> >> It might be a good idea to include BLASSIC as a package.
> >>
> >> The two BASICs in the catalog now seem abit dead. YaBasic is being
> >> dropped by its developer. And BWBasic is open source but there is no
> >> documentation, and apparently no forums.
> >>
> > There is another basic in the catalog: gambas (versions 1 and 2) and 
> > it's opensource and totally alive and kicking ;-) 
> > http://gambas.sourceforge.net
> Thank you for that information.
> My confusion is because Gambas does not show up if I search in dselect or 
> aptitude on "basic". You might want to fix that. When I searched for 
> basic, I only found the two I mentioned.

You're right, I will fix it in the next upload.

> So far, it also appears that Gambas requires X to run. I have loaded it 
> and will look at it abit more but.. While I am sure that its a great 
> program and fills a great need, it wont work for what I want. I use linux 
> for servers, and I avoid GUI on servers.

Not, I run some gambas applications in servers without X. You need X if
you use qt or gtk components, but you can do console applications
without any problem. In fact there are some very interesting components
as net.curl, pcre, db.mysql, etc. that I use everyday in some servers
without using X.

Maybe your impression is due to the fact of that usually the gambas-ide
is identified with the gambas project, but you can write gambas
applications with vi. Anyway I would use the excellent gambas-ide even
to write cgi or console applications as it will help you to write them
all the time.

> Using Basic is of great use to me in doing CGI and system scripts. BLASSIC 
> (Classic Basic) appears to be more of what I need. It runs basic code 
> which was written for many basic variations, in the classic text-mode.

Even for that you have a web component that encapsules much of the cgi
protocol and doesn't need X to be used too:

You can take a look at all the currently available components at
http://www.gambasdoc.org/help/comp . And you can also write pure basic
applications without using any component, in that case you only will
need the gambas2-runtime package to execute them.
By the way, the www.gambasdoc.org site is itself written in gambas
too ;-)

Hope this helps.
José L.

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