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Re: How to deliver an binary file

Christian Welzel <gawain@camlann.de> writes:

> i packaged typo3-src and had to add an source-file for a font that
> is used inside typo3. The file is a gzipped .sfd file and currently
> i handle this by repackaging the orig.tar.gz (my former sponsor
> wanted this).

Is the ".sfd file" the source form of the font -- that is, is that
file the "preferred form of the work for making modifications to it",
as the GPL would say? (I ask because I don't know what a ".sfd file"

If not, how are you satisfying the DFSG need for distributing the
modifiable source of the work?

> But my new sponsor thinks this should be added during package
> build. But this way the 88kb binary file would be in the diff.gz...
> What is the prefered way to handle this ?

I would think the best way would be to encourage the upstream to
distribute the source form of the work in the source tarball.

> PS: i talked to upstream some time ago and they do not want to add
> this into their releases. So i have to handle this on my own.

What, then, does upstream consider the source form of the work? Is
their distributed source form something that would be considered free

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