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Re: RFS: logapp

also sprach Mario Iseli <mario@debian.org> [2007.08.16.1147 +0200]:
> debian/changelog:
> * Fix man page hyphens
> That's quite bad.
> Write something like:
> * Added patches/0?_BlaBla.dpatch to fix hyphens in manpages

It's still pretty bad. Since the changelog is for users, it should
also contain what actually got changed without reference to
a patch. Were the hyphens broken? What's a broken hyphen?

> debian/control:
> (e.g. make, CVS, and Subversion)
> I don't know how this exactly works in english, but in German it's quite
> forbidden to use a colon before "and".

It's correct to use a comma before "and" even in British English.

> debian/copyright:
> - It was downloaded from http://logapp.sourceforge.net/
> + It was downloaded from <http://logapp.sourceforge.net/>

Rationale? Sponsoring isn't really about making sure your
preferences are honoured.

> debian/examples:
> Quite complicated to use a whole file just for one file, you could also
> do that with a dh_installexamples parameter. But yes, it works also so
> it's okay, just as a hint...

It's really the way debhelper was designed and is much easier and
more transparent for NMUs etc. IMHO.

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