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Re: RFS: eterm-themes

Hi Bill,
i must apologize because i have done a mistake,a newbie error, i didn't
want hijack your package for asking a ransom. True is that this package
isn't orphaned but RFA'ed, I wrote on your Bug report logs - #313183 a
month ago without reciving an answer, so i supposed (and that was my big
error) that i could pack it, i haven't done big change because there
aren't new skins, the last one is from the 2005,the only thing i have
add new line in the changelog and modified the file control and compat
as you can see at
http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/e/eterm-themes, changes done
using debian tools.
I'm a new debian user, is a year i'm using this distro with lot pleasure
but it isn't enough for me,i would like give a hand to the comunity of
Debian and of the free software (isn't a case i don't mention open
source..) so i started to translate some linux documents in italian,
learning a lot, and i thought was a good idea to get mantain of a orphan
package,your package was interesting for me because i use eterm in my
debian live pen, the mutt's theme is very useful for me.
I hope we can close this uggly mistake,was my fault of course, and that
we can be in touch for the specific of this package, if you change idea
about to leave the package maintenance or think is better sombody else
does that but not me, nevermind, i will understan.
My need now is to explane and make clear that my intention wasn't
criminal :).


Francesco Aloe

> On Mon, Aug 13, 2007 at 01:24:34PM +0200, Francesco Aloe wrote:
> > Hi mentors,
> > eterm-themes is an orphaned package and because this I am interested in
> > adopting it, but i need a sponsor :) 
> Hello Francesco,
> There are several issues:
> 1) eterm-themes is not orphaned but RFA'ed. This means I am still the
> maintainer, and it is not "your package".
> 2) your upload made no changes to the package outside hijacking it.
> It is pointless to sponsor it.
> 3) I did not orphan the package because it use a Debian-specific
> tarball and I would like to be sure the new maintainer understand
> how it is generated.
> Cheers,

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