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Re: php4 in lenny and Depends

On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 03:33:20PM -0400, Kevin Coyner wrote:
> I have a package that I maintain that has a dependency on php4-cgi
> or php5-cgi.
> If I remember correctly php4 will not be in lenny. Correct me if I
> was dreaming and misunderstood this.

Nope, I think you're right.  Last I heard, PHP4 was getting removed before
Lenny's release.

> If I am correct, then in any future repackagings of my packages for
> lenny, do I no longer need to Depend on php4-cgi and now just on
> php5-cgi?

You should definitely order your dependency so that php5-cgi comes first (eg
"php5-cgi | php4-cgi") but I'm not convinced that removing the option of
php4-cgi is necessarily a fantastic idea at this stage.  If your package
doesn't otherwise need packages (or versions of packages) that only exist in
unstable, then leaving the php4-cgi option there allows people to install
the newer package in their older environments (that perhaps use PHP4). 
While backporting is an alternative to this, I like to allow people maximum

(This isn't any sort of official pronouncement, just my personal opinion. 
If you get differing opinions from (eg) release team people or ftpmasters or
pretty much anyone, ignore me)

- Matt

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