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Re: php4 in lenny and Depends

On Sunday 12 August 2007 21:33, Kevin Coyner wrote:
> I have a package that I maintain that has a dependency on php4-cgi
> or php5-cgi.
> If I remember correctly php4 will not be in lenny. Correct me if I
> was dreaming and misunderstood this.
> If I am correct, then in any future repackagings of my packages for
> lenny, do I no longer need to Depend on php4-cgi and now just on
> php5-cgi?
> Just want to make sure.

This is no longer necessary, that's right. A common strategy I've seen is 
that: if you have php4 alternates, you can just leave them there for lenny, 
since it may be a bit easier for those wishing to use it with backported 
php4, but that there's no real use for adding them on new packages.

So if you already have them: you're free to remove them now, but if they don't 
bother you, you can leave them in place until after lenny has been released.


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