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Re: Man pages and UTF-8

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Ben Finney <bignose+hates-spam@benfinney.id.au> writes:
> > That sounds like a bug. I was under the impression that the
> > default encoding of everything in lenny was supposed to be UTF-8.
> The last time I checked, this didn't work for man pages.  If it does
> now and we can just install man pages in UTF-8, that's great, but a
> quick test seems to indicate it still doesn't work even if you run
> groff -T utf8 in a UTF-8 locale.

Okay. That doesn't mean it's not a bug; it simply points out where the
bug *is*.

(Assuming, of course, that I'm correct in saying lenny is supposed to
support UTF-8 throughout, and that failure to do so is a bug.)

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