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Re: RFS: gconf-cleaner - GConf database cleaner

On 8/10/07, Julien Valroff <julien@kirya.net> wrote:

> > AUTHORS file doesn't need to be installed (debian/copyright covers it)
> Removed from the binary package.
> I must say I have hesitated as it was automatically added by
> dh_installdocs. As the copyright file is obvisouly present in all
> packages, couldn't we consider this as a bug in dh_installdocs?

That was probably CDBS, not dh_installdocs. I don't think it is a bug,
because not everyone lists the upstream authors in the copyright file.

> I have removed the SYNOPSIS section - the short synopsis in the NAME
> section and the DESCRIPTION section should be enough, am I right?

Read the man-pages manual page from the manpages package, SYNOPSIS is
meant to be an overview of the command line options that are
available. So, if there are any command-line options, re-add it and
fix the content (I don't have a copy of -1, can't wait for the REVU &
mentors merge)



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