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Re: RFS: Many php-* packages to be updated: php-auth-http php-compat php-config php-crypt-cbc php-event-dispatcher php-html-common php-html-select php-image-barcode php-net-ping php-net-portscan php-xml-rss (updated package)

On Tuesday 7 August 2007 08:41, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I knew them, and used them a lot in the past, but as I am doing the
> packaging using "pear install" and some rm, I thought it would be more
> consistent like this. Anyway, this is changed and now using
> dh_installdocs and dh_installexamples instead, but of course, the rest
> is still using "pear install". If it was a problem, then php-net-ipv4
> has it too (which was the example I took). I could have as well called
> "pear install" in a temporary build folder, and call dh_install later
> on, but I thought it was a bit too much. Let me know what you think
> about this.

As it current is, is fine. You shouldn't jump through hoops only to be able to 
use the dh_ calls, but things for which an dh_ equivalent exists should use 

> That was wrong and it's corrected. I first wanted to NOT maintain this
> package, but it was done, so I finally think it's a bit silly to to have
> the work uploaded... I have closed the ITP, should I re-open it, or is
> it all right the way it is ATM?

This is fine.

> The problem was that the website links to the php license 3.01 when the
> sources notice a 2.02 license, so I did the mistake. Sorry, this is
> corrected. I have also separated "License:" and "Copyright notice:"
> which is IMHO better.

Fine; I think we can best take the licence version as mentioned in the source 
code. It could be worthwhile to ask the upstream authors of each to sync the 
licence version in the code with that on the website, but as long as they 
don't, this is better.

I've uploaded all now. Thanks for your work on this and good luck with getting 
h-inventory packaged.


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