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Re: RFS: Many php-* packages to be updated: php-auth-http php-compat php-config php-crypt-cbc php-event-dispatcher php-html-common php-html-select php-image-barcode php-net-ping php-net-portscan php-xml-rss (updated package)

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> First of all, thanks for your work on this set of packages.
> In general, they look ok. There's one remark: you seem to not use all the 
> features of the debhelper system. For example you are using 'cp' or 'mv' to 
> install files in different places, while there is dh_install, dh_installdocs, 
> dh_installchangelogs etc. etc. You really should use those. Try dh_<tab><tab> 
> on the command line to see all possible dh_ commands, and use those which are 
> most appropriate.

I knew them, and used them a lot in the past, but as I am doing the
packaging using "pear install" and some rm, I thought it would be more
consistent like this. Anyway, this is changed and now using
dh_installdocs and dh_installexamples instead, but of course, the rest
is still using "pear install". If it was a problem, then php-net-ipv4
has it too (which was the example I took). I could have as well called
"pear install" in a temporary build folder, and call dh_install later
on, but I thought it was a bit too much. Let me know what you think
about this.

>> php-html-select - A class for generating HTML form select elements
>> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/p/php-html-select/php-html-selec
>> t_1.2.1-2.dsc
> This one does not exist in the archive - although the changelog mentions 
> an "initial release" in December. Is that right?

That was wrong and it's corrected. I first wanted to NOT maintain this
package, but it was done, so I finally think it's a bit silly to to have
the work uploaded... I have closed the ITP, should I re-open it, or is
it all right the way it is ATM?

Remember my goal is to have all the dependencies for h-inventory
uploaded so I can work on packaging this nice app (see
www.h-inventory.com for more details).

> For the following packages the following applies: you are changing the licence 
> in debian/copyright to the "PHP 3.0 license" while they are licensed under 
> the PHP 2.0 license. The source file says so. That is of course not good.
> php-auth-http
> php-config
> php-crypt-cbc
> php-html-common
> php-html-select
> php-net-ping
> php-net-portscan
> php-xml-rss

The problem was that the website links to the php license 3.01 when the
sources notice a 2.02 license, so I did the mistake. Sorry, this is
corrected. I have also separated "License:" and "Copyright notice:"
which is IMHO better.

I have re-uploaded all package to the same location. Note that, except
for php-html-select that is the initial release, I have been using the
-sd flag when calling dpkg-buildpackage as this is only a Debian release
update. Let me know if this is problematic, or if it's the right way to
do it.

Thomas Goirand

P.S: You can as well use our git where I store everything:
~/sources$ git clone http://git.gplhost.com/pear.git

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