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Re: RFS: libonig NMU for a RC bug

Don Armstrong schrieb am Sonntag, den 05. August 2007:


maybe I wasn't very politly, but I it was late after a hard weekend. I
apologize for that. 

> > So I still consider this as crap. 
> Why in the world are you even complaining about this? You're not the
> maintainer of the package, and the NMU that was uploaded resolved the
> problems correctly, even if it wasn't uploaded to DELAYED like it
> should have been and $DEITY forbid, fixed some extra bugs as it went
> by.
Mostly because I still take care about the packages and the people I sponsor.
It was a mistake to not subscribe to the PTS for this package. But I still
thinks that most of my points were valid. This NMU was far away from just
fixing one RC Bug. 

> > I'm just the sponsor and wasn't aware of this bug. First time I
> > heard about the NMU was yesterday from the mentors system. I already
> > ping the maintainer who was on holidays til this weekend. I would
> > have reacted tomorrow.
> If you're the sponsor of the package, it is your responsibility to
> monitor the packagaes which you sponsor, *especially* for RC bugs and
> to fix them when the maintainer which you are sponsoring for cannot or
> does not.
> If checking http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=formorer or
> subscribing to the PTS for the packages you sponsor is too dificult,
> then you should not be sponsoring them.
> For example, instead of responding with vitriol to this attempt to
> improve the quality of debian packages, you should be contacting
> Sebastian Harl <sh@tokkee.org> and helping get #430933 resolved.
This bug is only in experimental and is currently resolved upstream.


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