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Re: RFS: flickcurl

Dear Mario,

First of all, thanks for the quick review.

On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 06:43:50PM +0200, Mario Iseli wrote:
> debian/control:
> Well done, really... :)

Well, I must thank the last mentor who guided me through a library
process (Neil "codehelp" Williams). So, this was pretty all right.

> debian/copyright:
> You have some useless whitespaces mostly at the end of the lines. Then
> ehm: License: LGPL 2.1 / GPL 2 / Apache 2.0
> What should that mean? If you have several licenses in your package you
> have to list which files and which author did what, for example have a
> look at
> http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/m/mcabber/mcabber_0.9.3-1/mcabber.copyright
> how to do that. You really have to go through all the source files and
> add every single copyright to this file, that's important.

OK, so here's the deal. The author gives you the option of choosing
from among GPL 2+, LGPL 2.1 or the Apache license. And, I *have*
checked every file. For example, see this:

find |egrep "\.(h|c)$"|xargs grep "(GPL)"

Compare that to find|egrep "\.(h|c)$". That shows that example.c
(which is an example) and flickcurl_getopt.h may not be GPL'd. So, I
have mentioned flickcurl_getopt.h as being public domain, and all
other files as GPL.

And since the COPYING file is included, I am going ahead with the
assumption that it is GPL'd. Besides, it'd be a pity if a 50 line C
example program is discarded!

> debian/flickcurl.1:
> Nice manpage, but please remove the comment lines at the beginning since
> they are from the template and not used.


> debian/flickcurl-config.1:
> Well done again...


> debian/flickcurl.manpages:
> - ./debian/flickcurl.1
> + debian/flickcurl.1

OK. Done.

> debian/flickrdf.docs:
> Useless empty line at the end of the file.


> debian/rules:
> Also some useless whitespaces at the end of the line, if you use vim
> please add the following to your vimrc and then you will see what i
> mean:
> syntax on
> highlight WhitespaceEOL ctermbg=red guibg=red
> match WhitespaceEOL /\s\+$/

I think I've done it right now.

> debian/watch:
> Well done :)


> So, hmm yes, I'm generally interested to sponsor your package, please
> register it on sponsors.debian.net, I use that to track my sponsoring
> and get in contact with me if you have fixed the things from above.

Well, thanks a lot! I have registered the package on
Sponsors.d.net. Please check it out, and many thanks for the review
and upload offer! :-)

Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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