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Re: .deb issue

JM Barrios wrote:

> first of all thanks for your answer. I was editing the
> lkmonitor.desktop.infile and this is the final content:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=Lkmonitor
> Comment=Tool for monitoring and managing linux's kernel
> Exec=lkmonitor
> Icon=spider-shadow32.png

Icons shound not contain the full path nor the extension.

> Terminal=false
> # MultipleArgs=false
> Type=Application;GTK;GNOME

Type is not a list. There are only 3 possible types. This .desktop
file is of Type Application. GTK and GNOME are categories and should
be put here:

> Categories=Application;System;

However, Application is not a valid category.

> Version=0.3-alpha

Version is the version of the specification, the .desktop file conforms
to. You can understand it similar to the Standards-Version field of

Please read

> So, I think the application would have to have an icon in the GNOME menu
> in
> Applications -> System like Beryl Manager for example (see the attached
> file) but it hasn't. I am looking some files in
> /usr/share/aplications/*.desktop but I don't know where is the problem.

Seems, you already found the mistake behind this issue.

Regards, Daniel
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