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.deb issue


I am developing a .deb package an all goes well but I have problems putting it in the Applications menu of Gnome. I have modified the debian/menu.ex file with this content:

?package(lkmonitor):needs="x11″ section="Apps/System" \
title="Linux Kernel Monitor" command="/usr/bin/lkmonitor" \

then I renamed the file from menu.ex to menu. I have modified debian/postinst.ex file adding this lines:

set -e
if [ "$1″ = "configure" ] && [ -x /usr/bin/update-menus ]; then update-menus ; fi

and debian/postrm.ex file adding this lines:

set -e
if [ "$1″ = "configure" ] && [ -x /usr/bin/update-menus ]; then update-menus ; fi

I have renamed both files from postinst.ex and postrm.ex to postinst and postrm. The package is built well and it works but it only appear in the gnome menu as the attached file shows and without icon. Also, it shows the application version is "Lkmonitor Version 0.1" as you can see and I want it shows "lkmonitor version 0.3 alpha"

Thanks for reading my email

JM Barrios

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