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Re: Creating Source Packages

Brendon Costa <brendon@christian.net> writes:

> I have been looking on the web, but have found little in the way of
> tutorials on how to create a debian source package. I have created a
> binary package for my project (EDoc++:
> http://edoc.sourceforge.net/), but want to create a source package
> and then build the binary one from this.

The "source package" for the 'foo' package, version 1.2 debian release
3, consists of three files:

   - 'foo_2.0.orig.tar.gz', the original tarball
   - 'foo_2.0-3.diff.gz', the patch file for the Debian changes
   - 'foo_2.0-3.dsc', the source control file

See the Debian maintainer's guide ('aptitude install maint-guide', or
choose one of the translation packages).

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