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Re: dpkg-buildpackage and fakeroot

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:06:44 +0200, Ondrej Certik <ondrej@certik.cz> said: 

>> >         I also vaguely recall some actions which work as an
>> >         ordinary
>> >  user but fail under fakeroot; due to a difference in behaviour.  I
>> >  no longer can recall the details, though, so I could be mistaken.
>> The bzr test suite, for one.

> Or libslepc2.3.2 configure refuses to configure tha package under
> fakeroot, 

        Do you know why it does that? I'm curious about exactly what
 fails.  mailagent, for example, has checks to see if some files are
 (correctly) unreadable, which would fail if the check was run as
 root. I actually check to see if the check is being run as root, and,
 if so, su to nobody to run the test suite.

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