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Change in my sponsorship requirements

I think it is about time that I changed the way I handle one element of
my sponsoring: I think that trying to retain the same Debian version
during the entire sponsorship process is prone to error and teaches bad
habits. In future, I think it is easier for everyone if every change
during sponsorship gets a new Debian version, so if you need me to
sponsor packages, each upload to mentors.debian.net must use a new
Debian version. The simplest way to do that is with 'dch -i' and then a
comment about what was fixed in this upload. This is how the Debian
archive expects everyone to handle debian/changelog so this is what I
should encourage during sponsoring.

This doesn't affect any other sponsor, it's just a change in how I
prefer to sponsor.


1. Using the same version all the time means that I have to either use
a separate directory or remove all trace of the previous download
before using dget -x and I would much prefer to have those other
versions around - if only to ensure that I know which problems are
meant to have been fixed without relying on my memory! :-)

2. Using separate versions also allows easy use of debdiff and
'interdiff -z' which are invaluable for checking exactly which files
have been changed between versions.

3. Using different versions also means you usually only upload
the .orig.tar.gz once so that makes it easier for slow or problematic

(One day, I'll get around to a checklist on people.debian.org)


Neil Williams

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