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Re: I need a sponsor

Tobias Richter schrieb:
> gudjon@gudjon.org wrote:
>> Name:liborigin
>> Version:20070115-1
>> Uploaded:2007-04-26 13:39:01
>> Description:
>> liborigin-dev - A library to read files from the Origin plotting program
>> liborigin0 - A library to read files from the Origin plotting program
>> opj2dat - Converts Origin project files to data files
>> Repository URL:http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/liborigin
>> Section:libs
>> Priority:optional
>> Lintian warnings:none
>> Lintian errors:none
>> Closes bugs:40860
> First of all, I'm not a DD. Second, you might have chosen a better
> subject for your mail, plus you could have provided direct links to
> upstream and your .dsc files.
> The opj2dat man page you wrote is close to worthless.

Agreed. A few words what origin resp. the origin file format is and it's
difference to the dat file format would help.

> In your control file you break lines after 60 chars, that's too early.
> The hompage refernces should follow the current style:
>   Homepage http://www.example.com

Use the following syntax to specify the homepage:

 long description...
  Homeapage: http://foo.com/

(Note the 2 spaces)

> As far I know the -dev Package is required to depend on more than just 
> its own library.

That is of course not universally true. Only if liborigin-dev needs
other -dev packages for successfully compiling and linking a program,
that uses liborigin, they should be added.

A good start to determine this list of dev packages is to examine the
pkg-config file if existent (Look for Requires) or checking the header
files of liborigin-dev, if they include headers from other -dev packages.
(dpkg -S /usr/include/foo/bar.h helps)

Besides from that I only glanced very briefly at your package.

I noticed, that you install the manpage twice: One time using
dh_installman, the second time copying it around manually.
My preference is to list the man pages in debian/$package.manpages.

You can also drop debian/liborigin-dev.dirs and debian/opj2dat.dirs.
They are not needed.


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