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Re: I need a sponsor

gudjon@gudjon.org wrote:
> Name:liborigin
> Version:20070115-1
> Uploaded:2007-04-26 13:39:01
> Description:
> liborigin-dev - A library to read files from the Origin plotting program
> liborigin0 - A library to read files from the Origin plotting program
> opj2dat - Converts Origin project files to data files
> Repository URL:http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/liborigin
> Section:libs
> Priority:optional
> Lintian warnings:none
> Lintian errors:none
> Closes bugs:40860

First of all, I'm not a DD. Second, you might have chosen a better
subject for your mail, plus you could have provided direct links to
upstream and your .dsc files.

The opj2dat man page you wrote is close to worthless.
In your control file you break lines after 60 chars, that's too early.
The hompage refernces should follow the current style:
  Homepage http://www.example.com
As far I know the -dev Package is required to depend on more than just 
its own library.

That was my unprofessional look at your package. Apart from these notes
I'd really like to see liborigin in Debian.


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