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Re: RFS: brightd


On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:52:55 -0500 Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz wrote:

> * Your watch file is wrong, the line should be
>    http://pberndt.com/Programme/Linux/brightd/_download .*/brightd-(.*)\.tar\.bz2
>   and you should remove the rest of the commented examples.

Done, thanks.

> * You should not ship upstream's copy of the gpl (debian/docs)

Yeah, forgot about it, sorry.

> * Do not change file permissions in postinst, unless you do it with
>   dpkg-statoverride. In this case, given that what you want are
>   standard execute permissions for a binary, you just need to do it
>   when packaging. Which is already happening, in the call to
>   dh_fixperms. This will leave your postinst empty, so just remove it.

Hm, could you explain that a bit more? I need the binary setuid-root,
so $USER is able to write to /sys/class/backlight/
I previously used install -M 4755 in debian/rules, but this did not
work, because I don't build as root : (

> * Many sponsors object to having commented out lines in
>   debian/rules. Please be ready to remove them or have a convincing
>   argument of why you won't.

Cleaned ;)

> You should probably also remove final empty lines form all of your
> debian/* files. debian/changelog in particular has many.

Many? I counted two ;) Removed.

> And there's a minor bug in the manpage. Line 26 says (spelled out to
> avoid encoding problems):
>  ... n*1000 <Acircumflex><mu>s between ...
> I assume the <Acircumflex> has nothing to do there and is the result
> of an encoding error somewhere. That's an upstream bug, just inform them.

Reported, Phillip will update this today, after that I'll upload an
updated package.

> I hope you find a sponsor for your package.


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