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Re: RFS: brightd

On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 19:41:27 +0100 Neil Williams wrote:

> No, it's not. Why are you packaging gpl.txt?

Just forgot to remove it ;)

> There's a lot of cruft in the watch file - you only need the line that
> is in use and the version line. Plus the watch file doesn't work:

Cleaned it with help of Luis, will need to test it later.

> I'm not sure about the Description in control - it's not just how MacOS
> behaves, my iBook does the same running Debian. This complicates
> sponsoring your package because I can't test it!

control says: "the way Macs behave" - not MacOS ;)

> In debian/rules, you would normally install a file, not just copy it.
> install -m <mode> can set any mode that you need. Not sure if this is a
> problem or not, it's just not the usual way of doing things like that.


> $ lintian -i ../brightd_0.1-2_amd64.changes
> W: brightd: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/brightd.1.gz
> 26: warning: can't find numbered character 194 

Reported upstream, will be fixed soon.

> Another problem - acpi-support. You'd need to check whether brightd
> supports more or a different range of laptops to acpi-support which can
> do screen brightness for some laptops and can do other ACPI related
> stuff too. That doesn't mean brightd cannot be added, it just means
> that you should help users decide which one to use by highlighting
> where yours differs from acpi-support.

brightd supports every laptop which has a brightness control
in /sys/class/backlight - as I understand acpi-support does not. Will
need to test this later.


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