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Re: Howto build package - BestCrypt

Le Wednesday 25 April 2007 16:02:26, vous avez écrit :
> > Why would you want to package a commercial software that provides
> > transparent compression when you have open source alternatives already
> > available in debian and other linux systems.. ?
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I guess that is the point. This jetico BestCrypt is available for
> Windows, too. I assume you can share an encyrpted partition between
> the two OSes then.

But it is relevant to ask for packaging help for a software that is not even 
compatible with non-free...

> Sorry, I cannot help with kernel modules or init.d stuff also.

> 1. BestCrypt contains (kernel) modules, which are run by modprobe.
> Can I do such a package with "dh_make -s" or do I have to use "dh_make -k"?
> I suppose so.
> Where do I find clear documentation about dh_make -k?
> Do I have to build two packages? One for the other normal binaries of
> BestCrypt and one for the kernel modules?

The package should not be used with dh_make more than once.. dh_make adds 
files for some basic packaging situations, but if your package is more 
difficult, you have to do things yourself.

In particular, you may compile the module by writing a correct debian/rules, I 
think dh_make is not meant for mixed software+kernel module. And yes those 
two things should end up in seperate packages. Indeed, the module package 
should only provide the soures and then be used with module-assistant on the 
user's system in order to get a proper module binary that matches your own 

> 2. In "make install" BestCrypt "registers" in init.d and rc. How do I have
> to modify the debian/init.d.ex file? Where has the daemon start script to
> be placed?

You should modify the init.d file in order to make it work with your package, 
and then use dh_installinit...


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