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Howto build package - BestCrypt

Hi all,

this is my first entry in this list, so forgive any potential errors!

I want to build a deb package for BestCrypt, which is available at

I read


in order to understand dh_make and so on.

What I did

get bestcrypt .tar.gz.
(make and make install work)
dh_make -s -e <email> -n
adapted Bestcrypt Makefile to install to ./debian/bcrypt-1.6/.....

So far, all seems to be fine

Now my questions:

1. BestCrypt contains (kernel) modules, which are run by modprobe.
Can I do such a package with "dh_make -s" or do I have to use "dh_make -k"?
I suppose so.
Where do I find clear documentation about dh_make -k?
Do I have to build two packages? One for the other normal binaries of BestCrypt
and one for the kernel modules?

2. In "make install" BestCrypt "registers" in init.d and rc. How do I have to
modify the debian/init.d.ex file? Where has the daemon start script to be

Thx for your help in advance and I hope I wasn't too inprecise


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