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Re: RFS: avelsieve

Hi Thijs!

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> I've taken a look at this package. It looks very good in general! I have
> some comments though:

Thanks for that!

> * 01_foldersort_bugfix.patch: the patch does not contain a description,
>   neither in the DP-header nor in the code itself. What does it do? Did you
>   forward it to upstream?

Well, I don't know where to describe that. The upstream author works on
squirrelmail, too. He said the bug was in squirrelmail itself and he
tries to fix it there. If that does not work correctly he will include
my patch in the next version of avelsieve.
The patch just sorts the mailbox folders when creating new rules. So
it's nothing heavy ;)

> * Why don't you disable the plugin on package removal/purge?

Sorry, this was just a mistake.

> * Make sure your postrm also works correctly if squirrelmail and/or debconf
>   have already been purged.

Okay, testing for squirrelmail-configure is no problem, i've done that
now. But how do I change the script that it's working correctly without
debconf? Testing on db_input and db_go, too? And what could I do with
db_purge? That is needed when purging after usage of debconf, isn't it?

> * It makes sense to install doc/NEWS not as a doc but as the upstream
>   changelog, by changing "dh_installchangelogs" to
>   "dh_installchangelogs doc/NEWS".

Changed that.

> I'm willing to sponsor it if you could review these items.

I'm glad! :) Sorry 'cause my beginners questions...


PS: I built it again, you can find it at the same place...

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