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Re: RFS: avelsieve


> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "avelsieve".

I've taken a look at this package. It looks very good in general! I have
some comments though:

* 01_foldersort_bugfix.patch: the patch does not contain a description,
  neither in the DP-header nor in the code itself. What does it do? Did you
  forward it to upstream?

* Why don't you disable the plugin on package removal/purge?

* Make sure your postrm also works correctly if squirrelmail and/or debconf
  have already been purged.

* It makes sense to install doc/NEWS not as a doc but as the upstream
  changelog, by changing "dh_installchangelogs" to
  "dh_installchangelogs doc/NEWS".

I'm willing to sponsor it if you could review these items.


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