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Removing an obsolete symlink

Hi all,

I could use some advice on how to handle the following situation.

I adopted a web application package that used to set a symlink under
/var/www: /var/www/phpmyadmin -> /usr/share/phpmyadmin. This was not good:
we shouldn't touch /var/www and not enable phpmyadmin without asking. So
now I have the better way of asking the user which webserver to configure,
and drop a symlink under the respective /etc/apache-flavour/conf.d dirs.

My question is how to deal with this legacy symlink. I can just rm it on
upgrade, but the admin might have put a different symlink there, or
depends on the symlink to keep phpmyadmin configured.

Shall I just leave the symlink there for upgrades, or do something with
it, if so, what?


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