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Re: RFS: wavbreaker

Hi all,

|--==> Bart Martens writes:

  BM> On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 23:27 +0200, Thomas Perl wrote:
  >>I am looking for a sponsor for my package "wavbreaker".
  >>* Package name    : wavbreaker
  >>Version         : 0.7.9-1
  >>The ITP for the original wavbreaker is here:

  BM> Have you agreed with the owner of the ITP to take over the ITP?

Thanks for having contacted me, I opened that ITP a long time ago, and
I add the package ready, but never uploaded it as it was considered a
duplicate of wavsplit. Anyway I still think that wavbreaker is a
different beast, as it has a GUI.

If you have started working on wavbreaker again please go on, if you
need a sponsor for the uplaod I would be glad to do that. It would
also suggest the package to be included in Debian Multimedia project,
as it is listed as one of the packages to work on:


Practically this means setting the Maintainer to 

Debian Multimedia Team <debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org>

and including the actual maintainers in Uploaders. We are also using
SVN to track the package sources and be able to collaborate working on
them (exspecially for mentored packages):


This would help the package to gain more visibility and attention, all
upload notices and bug reports are forwarded to the debian-multimedia
mailing list, and people can see what's going on (pretty much as with
debian-boot or debian-kernel).

  >>This is a patched version of the original 0.7 release by Timothy D. Robinson 

  BM> http://huli.org/wavbreaker/
  BM> http://thpinfo.com/2006/wavbreaker/

  BM> Have you agreed with Timothy to take over upstream development?

  >>that fixes usability issues, adds a .desktop file, manpages and i18n support.

  BM> Are these changes large enough to fork?

  BM> Maybe Timothy's version 0.7 can be packaged in Debian as 0.7-1, with
  BM> your improvements added in the .diff.gz file.  Maybe Timothy is
  BM> interested in copying some improvements into his work.

I agree that would be probably a good idea. If you can please keep
also the patch file(s) in debian/patches, instead of merging them in
the diff.gz. This helps merging them back if new versions of the
original wavbreaker get released (it's probably unlikely, but you
never know).



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