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Re: RFS: ed2k-hash

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Oleksandr Moskalenko ha scritto:
> Some notes on your package:
> First of all - it doesn't build here. On a cleanly unpacked package the first
> run of debuild fails at the end of the configure stage:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> configure: creating ./config.status
> cd . && /bin/sh ./config.status Makefile
> config.status: error: invalid argument: Makefile
> make[1]: *** [Makefile] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/malex/debian/sponsoring/ed2k-hash/ed2k-hash-0.4.0'
> make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2
> debuild: fatal error at line 1228:
> debian/rules build failed
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Why do you have Makefile.{am,in} in your debian dir?

I didn't put any Makefile.* there. Maybe I just made some mistaken "cp". :-P

> Why do you ship /usr/share/doc/ed2k-hash/Makefile.in.gz in your package?

On my current build, I don't have any Makefile.in.gz in docs. I'm gonna
check it.

> Remove the commented lines from your debian/rules to reduce clutter.

Sure, I just forgot to do it. (that's why mentors exist :-P)

> You should have Build-Depends on libfltk1.1-dev in order to have the GUI part
> built and remove the text about it from debian/control i.e. "
> "
>  .
>  By installing the fltk1.1 library, you'll have a GUI too.
> "
> This should get you started.

Thank you for your help.

.../me looks for what could've gone wrong...

dpkg-source: building ed2k-hash in ed2k-hash_0.4.0-1.diff.gz
dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of file
dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of file
dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of file ed2k_hash/docs/Makefile.am
dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of file ed2k_hash/docs/Makefile.in

Any idea on how to get rid of this?
dpkg-source doesn't consider the deleted files. That implies that the
diff won't have the "delete patch", so the files I deleted will be in
the extracted source. But, since I deleted them, it will compile fine on
my box. Any idea on how to fix this? TIA.

> Cheers,
> Alex.


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