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Re: RFS: pdf-smp

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 10:51:10 +0200
egregorion <egregorion@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Desktop files don't add kde as a dependency. debhelper deals with
> > the .desktop file, it just needs to be installed in a certain
> > location. These particular desktop files need Konqueror to be of
> > any use but that could be a Recommends: or Suggests:
> I'm sorry, this is my first package :-)
> I've read the Debian New Maintainers' Guide.
> http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dreq.en.html#s-control
> Depends:
> The package will not be installed unless the packages it depends on
> are installed. Use this if your program absolutely will not run (or
> will cause severe breakage) unless a particular package is present.

The desktop files aren't run and having them installed without konq
doesn't cause breakage. If there absolutely has to be a separate
package for these files for some (unknown to me) overwhelming reason,
I think it should be a foo-data package to indicate that it does
nothing on it's own.

IMHO these desktop files would be MUCH better in the respective
command-line packages where a Recommends: is clearly appropriate. I see
no reason for two desktop files to create yet another Debian package.

Instead, get these desktop files added to each pdf package and make
each pdf package (pdftk and pdfjam) Recommend: konqueror.

> In this case, I think, the konqueror service menus, absolutely will
> not run unless konqueror package is present.

True but the "service menus" (if KDE insist on calling them such) are
*optional* and therefore can be added as an extra bit of KDE-fluff (I
don't like KDE!) for those who simply want too many options. ;-)

> Is konqueror not strictly necessary?

Not for pdftk or pdfjam, no. My (strong) preference would be that
these desktop files only exist in the pdftk and pdfjam packages where
their existence will not complicate use of pdftk or pdfjam in Gnome or
E or whatever because they only cause a Recommend: (or even a
Suggest) on konqueror. I see no reason *at all* why two tiny desktop
files should require an entire source and binary package with all that
goes with that in the archive, on packages.d.o and everywhere else.

> kpdf is another software, this service menus are "plugins" for
> konqueror. like nautilus action.

In which case, pdftk and pdfjam can also include desktop files for
nautilus at a later stage.

> In KDE-speak a "servicemenu" is a special entry that appears in
> Konqueror's context menu depending on the file(s) that are selected.
> ...
> Servicemenus are defined using ".desktop" files, which are the same
> kind of files that are used to create entries in the K Menu or on the
> KDE desktop.

Outside the KDE-dev team, how many users know that?

I'd guess that many users call these popup menus or context menus - if
they have a name at all.

> smp is acronimous for "Service Menus Pack"
> .desktop files are generic type file, for launching apps or create
> menu entry or servicemenu or other.
> Can I rename in konq-pdfsmp. Maybe better?

I would recommend putting the desktop files into pdftk and pdfjam,
adding a Suggest on konqueror and working out whether similar actions
are useful for nautilus. Personally, I'm quite happy to do whatever
fiddling I need on PDF files within evince.


Neil Williams

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