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Re: yada generated deb not calling update-menus

On (18/04/07 00:32), Tim Day wrote:
> I (novice deb builder) am building a deb with yada (and pbuilder) on
> Etch.  I don't have any problems getting a sensible /usr/share/menu
> entry put in place, but it doesn't actually seem to appear in any menus
> until I do a manual sudo update-menus (or install some other package
> which triggers a menu update itself).
> When I look at the postinst file in my yada-generate deb then the only
> thing of note is:
> if [ "" = "configure" ] && [ -x "`which update-menus 2>/dev/null`" ];
> then update-menus; fi

That should be $1 (or is it $2?) in the first set of quotes. Whatever is
writing this out is probably a shell or perl script that isn't escaping
it. I don't have internet access to check your script now though.



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