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Re: RFS: echroot


> > > > >>  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "echroot".
> > > echroot extends the basic options that we found in chroot, with
> > > echroot we
> > can control many more options than executing chroot. Here I show some
> > of the options that we can happen to echroot.
> What is the advantage of running a chroot not as root?

Personally, I'm touched by this because I'm always forced to use 'su'
alongside 'chroot'.  Being root inside chrooted environment really is

> That doesn't seem (to me) to be a particularly long list of new
> features and some can be worked around the existing chroot without too
> much difficulty. Have you tried submitting wishlist bugs against chroot
> to include the new functionality? Do the two programs use the same
> language?

It might be worth noting that chroot is a widely available tool with a
set of specific expectations and adding features to chroot may or may
not be a good idea.

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