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Re: RFS: echroot

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 03:04:35 +0200
"José Manuel Bustillo" <bustillo@softwarelibre.org> wrote:

> > > >>  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "echroot".

> > echroot extends the basic options that we found in chroot, with
> > echroot we
> can control many more options than executing chroot. Here I show some
> of the options that we can happen to echroot.

What is the advantage of running a chroot not as root?

> For example:
> mkdir ~/MOUNT
> Mount another linux partition in ~/MOUNT
> mount /dev/sda1    ~/MOUNT
> with chroot
> --->  chroot ~/MOUNT   /usr/bin/mc
> Run mc of   /dev/sda1   in  root
> with echroot
> --->  echroot  --user=YOURUSER  --group=YOURGROUP  --stderr=YOURFILE
> ~/MOUNT /usr/bin/mc

This kind of operation can already be done with chroot, albeit with a
few extra lines of scripting.

>        -d, --daemon
>               Use daemon call to detach the process

I'm not quite sure why I'd want to do that.

>        -f, --fork
>               Fork before starting the process

That doesn't seem (to me) to be a particularly long list of new
features and some can be worked around the existing chroot without too
much difficulty. Have you tried submitting wishlist bugs against chroot
to include the new functionality? Do the two programs use the same


Neil Williams

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